What is Ellzee

The canon setting of many of my characters, especially Juniper, Liara and Sophora.

Research of some techno-magical artifacts goes wrong and one-third of the world has been transformed into furries against their will or, as in Juniper and Liara's case, something more complicated. Humans and the new 'Affected' are working to adjust to this, and it's definetly causing conflict.

Ellzee (or more crudely, 'Little Zootopia') is a furry enclave in the city where they believe the transformation effect occured, and where the magitech and transformations are being researched.

The 2019 Ellzee Friends Christmas postcard. many anthros and taurs pose for a 'photo'. Art by merlin-the-bruce on Fur Affinity

Want to learn more about the setting?

  • Ellzee Setting living document

    Something I've purposefully done is left out a lot of details so you can tell your own interesting story in this place. Things like children and trans-gender transformations, and humans becoming monsters or hybrids are left for you to do with what you will.

  • Junipers Ellzee Discord server

    A wholesome, SFW community complete with a casual RP at a tavern. A great place to make friends and find others interested in exploring this setting with you!

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