Can I draw your characters?

You may draw them SFW without permission, but I do ask you share with me privately first before sharing it with the world! Use any reference material you can find on my Fur Affinity.

Why a four-armed skunktaur, Juniper?

Want to know why my sona is so weird? Read this journal post:
Why a four-armed skunktaur, Juniper?

Do you RP (roleplay)?

Yes! I do! Safe for work only. PG-13 if we trust each other. I have a roleplaying interests list, but if it's SFW transformation or multi exploration, I'm very much interested!

Can you draw me for free?

I could! I have a gift list that's probably quite long already. Let's be each other's friends and maybe you'll make the list!

Can we art trade?

Really? I'd be honoured! You think my art is up to it? Thanks!

Can I give you material wealth or services in exchange for art or ___?

Maybe! If you Drop me a Ko-fi I'll absolutely draw at least a sketch of you as thanks!

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